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Accessing the Virtual ICA 2018 platform is linked to being a member of one of the participating institutions such as the IAA Sections AFIR-ERM, ASTIN, LIFE & IACA


Furthermore, the actuarial associations ASSA, CAS, IAJ, IAAust and SOA are national partners of the VICA 2018, whereas for their members some constraints might apply for participating. If you are a member of one of those associations, please contact the corresponding offices.

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Member of the above mentioned IAA sections can access the VICA 2018 platform with more than 150 hours of live streams and videos of actuarial content without any further cost. All members of the participating partners will be informed individually by the IAA Secretariat or the offices of the National Partners on how to create an account for the Virtual ICA 2018.

If you want to access the VICA as well, become a member of at least of one of named IAA sections.


To become a member of the IAA sections, please follow this link and complete the online order form.
Once you are a member, you will recieve an invitation to register for the platform via email.