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About VICA 2018


Another highlight of the ICA 2018 in Berlin, Germany, will be the very first Virtual ICA.

Due to the support of a number of institutional partners from the actuarial community as well as several sections of the IAA, many sessions from the stages in Berlin will be broadcasted live online and provided as recorded sessions afterwards. This allows a much broader audience from all over the world to follow the high value content presented during the ICA and helps to secure this knowledge in a sustainable manner.

Furthermore, thanks to the success of the Call for Papers, the VICA will also feature many exclusive recorded sessions as online presentations by qualified authors to whom the ICA could not offer a presentation slot in Berlin.

Members of the IAA sections AFIR-ERM, ASTIN, IACA, LIFE can access the Virtual ICA at no extra cost. If you also want to join the VICA as well become a member of at least one of these IAA sections.


Institutional Partners of VICA 2018



About the host

  • German Association of Actuaries (Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V., DAV)


The German Association of Actuaries (Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V., DAV) is the professional representation of all actuaries in Germany. It was founded in 1993, with various precursor organizations dating back to 1903, and currently has around 5,200 members. Another 1,600 candidates for membership are actively enrolled on its in-house education and examination program. Hence, the DAV is one of the seven biggest actuarial associations in the world.

The DAV was founded to provide independent expert knowledge for all mathematical issues concerning insurance, finance and old-age provision. Further aims are to enforce a unified actuarial profession by means of training and professional ethics, to set a professional framework for DAV members supported by professional standards of practice, as well as to inform and be available for supervisory authorities, political institutions and the general public. Currently, more than 600 members are actively giving their time on a voluntary basis, serving on twelve committees and in over 60 working groups. Even more members are involved in the fields of education, CPD seminars, the higher education environment and various international actuarial activities.

Further information on the DAV can be found on the website